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coliving survival guide during covid-19 | 4.23.20

harvard & mit examine coliving | 4.16.20

the coliving code: investor guide release | 4.9.20

the coliving code: large operator & developer guide release | 4.2.20

top marketing strategies to stay in demand during uncertain times | 3.26.20

special covid-19 coliving resources | 3.23.20

covid-19 & coliving + how to social distance in shared spaces | 3.19.20

massive tech announcement for coliving | 3.12.20

cracking the community code | 3.5.20

coliving flourishing in new markets | 2.27.20

the right coliving match for every single generation | 2.20.20

legal insight on coliving from the experts | 2.13.20

new coliving brand is born with 20k beds already in the pipeline | 2.6.20

german news doubles down on u.s. coliving | 1.30.20

a vision for software & coliving | 1.23.20

the new york times tackles coliving | 1.16.20

india's massive housing market opportunity | 1.9.20

coliving 2020 operator checklist | 1.2.20

housing for the homeless | 12.26.19

the art of city building | 12.19.19

global sharing economy report + entrepreneur mag on coliving | 12.13.19

repurposing london's unused spaces | 12.6.19

easing america's aging crisis with coliving | 11.28.19

Forbes talks coliving for investors | 11.21.19

The collective expansion in NYC | 11.15.19

how coliving makes entrepreneurship easier than ever | 11.8.19

the key to unlocking higher cap rates | 10.31.19

LA coliving summit discussion | 10.25.19

coliving becoming an asset class | 10.17.19

coliving for boomers? | 10.10.19

getting young adults to finally move out of their parents' place | 10.4.19

richard branson's virgin development in miami: with coliving | 9.26.19

entrepreneur magazine: 5 ways the concept of home has changed | 9.19.19

a mission to change the way people live | 9.12.19

success of small housing units fuels coliving | 9.5.19

coliving expands across canada | 8.29.19

real estate giant enters coliving market | 8.22.19

the truth about bedly's shutdown | 8.15.19

release of massive q3 coliving report | 8.8.19

ceo says buying a house is crazy, coliving is the way to go | 8.1.19

coliving construction giant: xdenver | 7.25.19

massive coworking company breaks into coliving | 7.18.19

coliving takes hold in dubai | 7.11.19

the sketchiest ways people are getting affordable housing | 7.4.19

coliving on the front page of the news | 6.29.19

our talk with common's development partner | 6.20.19

a new age of ownership: renting what's in your apartment | 6.13.19

the beauty of living with strangers? | 6.6.19

world economic forum talks coliving | 5.30.19

building a coliving ecosystem? | 5.23.19

the explosion of coliving in india | 5.16.19

a look into the crazy future of city living | 5.9.19

new coliving funds and valuation | 5.2.19

the first coliving industry report | 4.25.19

can coliving solve the LA housing crisis? | 4.18.19

coliving industry lacking stats & data to back it up: our solution | 4.11.19

pros & cons of living in the sf bay area (& affordable housing hacks) | 4.4.19

coliving specifically for families | 3.28.19

the trends of single dwellers | 3.21.19

the best of miami living | 3.14.19

nasdaq's city of 2030 | 3.7.19

use marie kondo's method to declutter your relationships | 2.28.19

new luxurious coliving, coworking, and co-traveling | 2.21.19

forbes weighs in on coliving within real estate development | 2.14.19

is coliving built to last? | 2.7.19

repurposing spaces into luxury coliving | 1.31.19

how to measure the harmony in your coliving space | 1.24.19

we're in the news! | 1.17.19

coliving as a creative incubator | 1.10.19

the 4 biggest factors impacting housing | 1.3.19

our talk with real estate developers | 12.27.18

big announcement: Kndrd's europe opportunity | 12.20.18

Another $1 Billion in coliving in a week? | 12.13.18

$1 Billion in coliving | 12.6.18

The california housing crisis (& solutions) | 11.29.18

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Christine has 15+ years of public speaking experience, decades in real estate, and is an expert on the topic of Coliving and the future of housing in cities around the world. She specializes in both the North American and European markets.

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Christine Mcdannell

deep knowledge & experience in:

Purpose-built CoLiving Community BuildingDevelopment from the Ground UpIdeation to LaunchHiring/Building Strong TeamsMarketing & SalesSOP's (Standard Operating Procedures)Pitch Deck Review/CreationFundraisingInvestor and/or R.E. Developer Introductions Mixed-use Schemes CoLiving & Coworking combosRenovations & Conversions (Hotel, Houses, & Apartments to a full-fledged CoLiving concept)

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coliving keynote speaker

Christine has 15+ years of public speaking experience and is passionate about the topic of Coliving and the future of housing in cities around the world. She is an expert on both the North American and European markets.

Helsinki, Finland
Panel Speaker
Topic: The Future of Living
November 2019

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Berlin, Germany
Class of 2020 Conference
Panel Speaker
Topic: The Moment for Coliving is Now
November 2019

Oslo, Norway
Proptech Summit XIX
Keynote Speaker
Topic: Beyond the Hype
October 2019
Watch Video Here

London, UK
Co-Living Super Conference
Keynote Speaker
Talk: "CoLiving: A Hybrid Asset Class of Residential + Hospitality"
June 2019

Gran Canaria, Spain
Coliving Hub Conference 2019
Keynote Speaker
Topic: How to use Technology to Simplify your Coliving Operation While Building Strong Communities & Connections
April 2019

Lausanne, Switzerland
Seedstars Summit
Panel Speaker
Topic: Embody the Change You Want to See in the World
April 2019

San Diego, USA
SD Startup Week
Panel Speaker
Topic: Unknown Big Wins in San Diego
June 2018

"Working with Christine is in one word: 'amazing'. The energy that she brought to our event and on stage was unrivaled.

Christine is an absolute professional and she eats, sleeps, and breathes anything coliving and proptech related.

She is super easy going, delivers what she promises and goes the extra mile. She captivated our audience and blew away our partners by sharing in-depth, tangible, and applicable knowledge to stay ahead in the fast-evolving real estate landscape of tomorrow." #Proptech

Sjoerd Postema - ReCoTech
Helsinki, Finland

potential speaking topics

Proptech: How the largest asset class in the world (Real Estate) is finally getting disrupted
The Future of Living: Fast-Forward to the future with Generation Rent, Access over Ownership, Global Residency, Remote Work, and how technology is creating big shifts in urbanization and real estate
"CoLiving: How Community is the New Currency"

"CoLiving: Experiences > Things": How to increase rental rates, renewals, and word of mouth for your community by mastering the art of creating a Living Experience, not just a roof over someone's head
"CoLiving- The Future of Living: Fast-Forward to the future with Generation Rent, Access over Ownership, Global Residency, Remote work, and how to position your company for these big shifts in urbanization and real estate
The Global Rise of CoLiving
Why Housing as a Service (HaaS) is quickly becoming the next big thing
Importance of Community + Connection

upcoming speaking appearances

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Last Year's Conference in Spain

Co-liv Summit 2020

Paris, France | TBD

Book Launch

The Coliving Code was such a success the first time around, but the market has changed so quickly and has its specific niches-- so I decided it was time to release additional content to suit large operators and investors as well.

Lauren and I were secretly working on this during the holiday season and I'm thrilled to release both books to you.

The first version of The Coliving Code was released back in August of 2018, and we all know how much this space grew and matured during 2019.

Also, the first version was written while I was launching Kindred Quarters. Writing the book led to launching Kndrd, so we wanted to talk more about how technology is advancing this sector of real estate and what is needed to thrive.

Investor guide

available now

Large operator & Developer guide
available now

Get the Trilogy

The Coliving Code Trilogy

digital bundle of all 3 books on sale now - only $25 for all three!

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For anyone wanting to learn the FULL ins and outs of launching a Coliving concept all the way from idea to reality, this is for you.

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